Evaluation of the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) on Immunisation

World Health Organisation
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MMGH Consulting GmbH proposes to assist the WHO / IVB in evaluating SAGE’s current scope, objectives, working mechanisms and processes. The evaluation will assess the relevance, effectiveness and quality of the work and deliverables of the advisory group, to assure that it continues to provide high quality strategic advice in all areas of the evolving immunization and global health agenda. The evaluation will focus on SAGE as the key advisory body on immunization policy and strategy, taking into account the roles and functions of other advisory bodies relevant to immunization and biologicals in contributing to its objectives.

The evaluation will include the following major elements: (a) analysis of SAGE agenda, recommendations and decisions, including dissemination and reach or influence; (b) review of the appropriateness of the present SAGE TOR and specific working processes; (c) insight gathering from WHO and external stakeholders and technical experts; (d) establishment and facilitation of an Independent Evaluation Advisory Group (IEAG) overseeing the process; (e) appraisal of findings and development of recommendations with active participation of major stakeholders.

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