CEPI mid-term review and COVID-19 response review: combined report

Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation
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Founded in 2017, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) is an international partnership that finances and coordinates the development of new vaccines to prevent and contain infectious disease epidemics In early 2020 — when SARS-CoV-2 emerged — CEPI began financing and coordinating the development of vaccines to respond to the emerging virus, which has since become a global pandemic At that time, the organisation’s Mid-Term Review (MTR) was under way, with the goal of assessing CEPI’s performance from its establishment through December 2019 In view of the pandemic’s impact on CEPI, the MTR process was ended in late April 2020; interim results were reported and a new process — the COVID-19 Response Review (CRR) — was started The CRR process focused on assessing the initial results of CEPI’s engagement in the pandemic response. This report provides the combined findings of those two processes across the “activities” of CEPI’s Theory of Change (ToC): mission, strategy development and gap analysis, governance and operations, partner and stakeholder engagement, advocacy and resource mobilisation, investment in candidates, platforms and enabling science, and expert assistance.

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