COVID-19 vaccination country experiences

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This section contains country experiences on COVID-19 vaccination, from the initial planning to the implementation. These are valuable sources of information on approaches and solutions for some of the common challenges that countries faced in the course of the pandemic response.

The first part, the repository of country presentations, is divided in 6 technical topics that are considered key aspects for planning and implementation. The presentations were obtained through webinars, global meetings, country deep dives, among others, and for this reason are available in the language they were presented.

The second part, the summary presentation on experiences, is an attempt to present a synthesis of the information contained in the previous country presentations, but also includes information gathered from other sources, such as regional newsletters, country or partner reports, post introduction evaluations, articles, among others. It is hoped that these synthesis slides can be of good help to address programmematic questions and also can be used for presentations at regional or country level, as needed. The synthesis will be regularly updated as more information becomes available. This product is available in both English and French versions.

Finally, in the last part, a legacy document will be available. This document if under preparation now and will be placed as it is finalised in the next few weeks. This document will further elaborate on the most significant experiences and challenges, and will contain both technical aspects as well as advocacy elements, that will be critical to consider for future pandemic responses, emergencies or even to translate into other health initiatives. The document will be initially in available in English, and it will be also translated into French.

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