An External Evaluation on the INCLEN Research Program to Emphasise the Public Health Significance of Childhood Pneumonia in India

Indian Pediatrics Volume 58, Issue 11, pp. 1074-1076
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An independent external evaluation of the International Clinical Epidemiology Network (INCLEN) research programme to emphasise the public health significance of childhood pneumonia in India.

An independent evaluation based on desk reviews of available documents and reports, site visits to study sites, and structured interviews with study investigators, technical advisory group (TAG) members, INCLEN staff and the donor agency.

The programme elicited responses from a range of investigators across India. The selection process was transparent and objective, and the selected projects were of public health significance. The support provided through the programme strengthened research capacity and improved study outputs. However, the available expertise was not fully exploited and protocol deviations in a few studies resulted in suboptimal outputs.

The programme represented a new and positive paradigm for research support in India, though a few improvements may result in greater impact for future programmes

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