• Global Strategy and Policy
  • Vaccine Development
2019 — 2020

Understanding the vaccine ecosystem: structure and challenges


Evaluation of the vaccine development ecosystem to identify areas for investment to support more efficient vaccine development for low-income countries and diseases with epidemic potential.

Swarnavo Chakrabarti
  • Focus Project
  • To identify the problems and potential solutions to support late-stage development of vaccines used in low-income countries or against diseases of epidemic potential.
  • To identify areas for potential interventions and investment by the global community.
MMGH took a multi-pronged approach to analyse the complex ecosystem affecting access to vaccines for low-income countries and epidemic diseases. The analysis involved a desk review and scoping exercise to identify project priority vaccines. Following this, MMGH surveyed the decision-making processes of vaccine developers and then used case studies to simulate and illustrate barriers for specific priority vaccines. This was all convened under the guidance of an Expert Advisory Group. Multiple challenges were identified, categorized and prioritized to focus on important areas where focused interventions could remove barriers to vaccine development and improve the ecosystem.

As a result of this report, Wellcome Trust increased investments in establishing more efficient regulatory structures and other aspects to enable vaccine access. The outcomes were also used as a basis for discussion by the Sabin-Aspen Vaccine Science & Policy Group.

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Understanding the vaccine ecosystem: structure and challenges