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2019 — 2019

Leishmaniasis vaccine product development plan


Create a product development plan and financial analysis to translate scientific discoveries and early clinical development into public health interventions to help control leishmaniasis.

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  • Focus Project
  • To understand the requirements to bring the leishmaniasis vaccine candidate from early clinical research to implementation to help control leishmaniasis in low- and middle-income countries.
  • To translate scientific discoveries and early clinical development into public health interventions.
  • To write a product development plan for the candidate leishmaniasis vaccine.
MMGH conducted desk research, identified subject matter experts and applied industry experience to evaluate the status and needs of the leishmaniasis vaccine candidate. They then convened a group of experts to refine the use cases and target product profile. MMGH also performed a demand forecast and discounted cash flow model to evaluate the financial viability of a future vaccine under different scenarios. Based on this work, MMGH co-authored peer reviewed publications and developed communications materials, such as a pitch-deck, for potential partnering opportunities.

The main funder of the leishmaniasis vaccine development continued funding for the development of the vaccine.

Focus Area
Project Outputs
Estimating the global demand curve for a leishmaniasis vaccine: A generalisable approach based on global burden of disease estimates
Overcoming roadblocks in the development of vaccines for leishmaniasis
The potential impact of human visceral leishmaniasis vaccines on population incidence
Human leishmaniasis vaccines: Use cases, target population and potential global demand