Melissa Ko

Managing Partner

Melissa Ko

Masters of Science in Public Health – International Health, Global Disease Epidemiology and Control, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, United States

Bachelor of Art in Economics and in Sociology, Emory University, Atlanta, United States

Melissa Ko is public health expert with over 20 years of experience in private and public sectors. She has experience in infectious disease epidemiology, vaccine demand forecasting, and vaccine policy, strategy, programme design, and implementation.

Melissa joined MMGH in 2018 with the vision to provide independent and actionable advice to the global health community to reduce the burden of vaccine-preventable diseases.

While at MMGH, she has led projects that resulted in the development and approval of key strategy and policy disease documents at global and regional levels as well as projects related to programme implementation of vaccines and the evaluation of vaccine innovations such as microarray patches.

Before joining MMGH, Melissa worked in various public health organizations lastly working at Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance by providing her expertise on vaccine forecasting and the design and implementation of pneumococcal, rotavirus, cholera, and typhoid vaccines. During her tenure at Gavi, Melissa’s programmes accounted for ~40% of Gavi’s total 9.3 billion budget, she identified solutions to inefficiencies hindering programmatic implementation, and spearheaded the Board approval for investment in the typhoid conjugate vaccine resulting in an investment of $85 million for 2 years.

In her free time, Melissa enjoys swimming, hiking, and exploring new places.

Data analysis & visualisation, Epidemiology, Policy development, Programme design, Programme implementation, Vaccine demand forecasting