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2022 — 2023

Tuberculosis vaccine market analysis


Evaluate the viability and impact of investment in the clinical development of a new TB vaccine.

  • Focus Project
  • Advise the client on a possible investment in late-stage clinical development of a new TB vaccine.
MMGH applied their hands-on experience of the complexity of vaccine development and implementation to help The Wellcome Trust understand the TB vaccine landscape. This included conducting desk research, stakeholder interviews and applying an analytical approach to developing use cases. A preliminary demand and financial forecast for thirteen countries was also developed. Using the information gleaned, MMGH advised the client on key factors that will affect late-stage development and implementation of a new TB vaccine and presented an in-depth analysis of the risks and opportunities of investing in this vaccine. The report also provided recommendations on activities that could improve the public health impact of the vaccine. The demand forecast was presented at the Union conference in Paris in November 2023.

Informed Wellcome Trust investment decision in the field of Tuberculosis.

Focus Area