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2021 — 2023

Support the WHO secretariat to the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE)


Support the secretariat of the WHO SAGE on immunization to synthesize evidence on select topics and draft meeting reports to facilitate policy-making.

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  • To support the WHO secretariat to the SAGE on immunization to prepare and publish meeting reports for the biannual meetings.
  • To support the WHO SAGE secretariat to synthesize the evidence reviewed by select Working Groups, develop the background report and other relevant documents, and draft and finalize the relevant position paper.
MMGH has a long-term agreement to support the SAGE secretariat to summarize the proceedings of the SAGE meetings held twice a year and prepare the meeting reports for publication in the Weekly Epidemiological Report. The report is prepared through an iterative process in close collaboration with the WHO subject matter experts, the SAGE secretariat and the SAGE members. MMGH also supports the SAGE secretariat and select SAGE Working Groups to synthesize the relevant evidence for making policy recommendations, to grade the evidence using the GRADE process, and to prepare the Evidence to Recommendations tables. These documents serve as the basis for SAGE deliberations and recommendations to WHO on the relevant topic. Following the SAGE recommendations, MMGH supports the SAGE secretariat to draft and finalize the relevant WHO position papers for publication in the Weekly Epidemiological Record. Currently, MMGH is supporting the SAGE Dengue Working Group.

The WHO SAGE meeting reports and the position papers inform the decisions of its Member States to make evidence-based policies for immunization.

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Project Outputs
Meeting of the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization, March 2023: conclusions and recommendations
SAGE meeting of October 2017 on Typhoid Vaccine Policy Recommendations