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2021 — 2024

Develop country training materials on the preparation, implementation and monitoring of OCV campaigns


Develop and pilot technical training materials for oral cholera vaccination (OCV) campaigns.

  • New Format
  • To develop training materials on preparing for, implementing and monitoring OCV campaigns and pilot it in three countries.
  • Develop training exercises on potential challenges to preparing for OCV campaigns.
MMGH assisted the Global Task Force on Cholera Control partners to develop a 5-day technical training programme to help countries prepare for, implement and monitor OCV campaigns. This support involved developing the first draft of all technical materials, including training exercises, using real data, and ensuring all training materials were validated by key task force partners.

Training materials approved by key partners including WHO, UNICEF, CDC, IFRC, and Gavi; successful piloting of training in two countries that led to more training that has been conducted in two additional countries to date.

Focus Area