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2018 — 2019

Preparing for implementation of the Ending Cholera Roadmap 2030


Support the Global Task Force on Cholera Control to implement the Ending Cholera: A Roadmap to 2030 by creating guidance to assist the development of country cholera strategies.

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  • To assist the Global Task Force on Cholera Control (GTFCC) and its partners to develop key documents and processes to begin implementing Ending Cholera: A Roadmap to 2030.
A Roadmap to end cholera was created in 2017. The GTFCC needed help to operationalize the strategy and guidance and processes to assist countries with its implementation. MMGH worked with key stakeholders to develop a technical guidance document and outline on key actions required to develop national cholera plans, taking into consideration the six pillars of the Roadmap. The pillars covered all aspects of cholera control, such as surveillance, vaccines and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). The document was developed in consultation with global, regional and country partners. In collaboration with Linksbridge, MMGH also developed an operational demand forecasting tool to estimate short-term demand needs for OCV. MMGH was responsible for developing the demand forecasting methodology.

The Global Task Force on Cholera Control validated the guidance document which will help countries to operationalize the Ending Cholera Roadmap.

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