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2019 — 2023

Definition and market sizing of the use cases for micro-array patches for Measles-Rubella vaccine


MMGH supports the WHO’s Vaccine Product & Delivery Research department in defining and sizing (including a demand forecast) the use cases for a Measles Rubella vaccine micro-array patch (MAP). The use cases and their market sises are assessed and validated via expert consultation across a broad group of stakeholders, including country programme managers, global experts, and pharmaceutical and development agencies. The approach and methodology was validated by the WHO Immunisation and Vaccines Related Implementation Research Advisory Committee (IVIR-AC), Measles-Rubella MR-MAP Working group, and the Market for Information to Access Advisory Group. The project is now focusing on further understanding self-administration of MR-MAPs and will be extended to include MMR-MAPs. The project will help the WHO in better aligning MAP product development efforts to the measles-rubella control and implementation needs and the Gavi Vaccine Innovation Prioritisation Strategy (VIPS).

Focus Area