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2017 — 2018

Develop a business case for a schistosomiasis vaccine


Development of a business case for investment and further development of a schistosomiasis vaccine.

IOC/Fiocruz/Gutemberg Brito
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  • To assist the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in making investment decisions on the further development of a schistosomiasis vaccine.
MMGH worked with modellers from the Imperial College London and the University of Warwick to structure scenarios and model the disease impact of a vaccine for schistosomiasis. This included assessing how a vaccine could be used in the future under various scenarios, and the associated costs for implementation. The analysis also considered alternative options that depend on treatment to control the public health burden of schistosomiasis. Results were synthesized into a public health value proposition that included an evaluation of vaccine development costs and timelines, and the potential cost and benefits of the vaccine.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has continued to invest in development of the vaccine and has catalysed investment from other organizations.

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