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2019 — 2020

Develop a business case for a macrofilaricide as part of onchocerciasis treatment and control


Development of a business case for the use of macrofilaricide drugs to control onchocerciasis.

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  • To identify and model health outcomes from the use of a macrofilaricide for onchocerciasis under different product profiles and use scenarios.
  • To guide investment priorities for the client on approaches to use a macrofilaricide as part of controlling onchocerciasis.
  • To identify areas where donor support and incentives may be required for drug developers and or countries to support and sustain the rollout of the drug.
MMGH led the development of use cases and the drafting of potential alternative implementation strategies for the elimination of onchocerciasis by conducting a desk review and convening stakeholders. In collaboration with the NTD Modelling Consortium the various implementation strategies were modelled and their future health impact assessed. The impact of macrofilaricides with different clinical profiles and their use in combination with existing treatment were also assessed to inform future development decisions.

MMGH and the NTD Modelling Consortium recommended continued support for the development of macrofilaricide drugs. They also recommended investment in research to fill critical evidence gaps to be able to better position the products at future investment discussions.

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