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2020 — 2021

Assess the UN supply chain system COVID-19 response 


Identifying areas for improving pandemic readiness in the UN supply chain for biomedical supplies. 

Image Credit: Jake Nebov
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  • To assess the performance of the overall UN supply chain systems in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • To improve readiness in the event of another pandemic.
In a joint partnership with The Yellow House consulting agency, MMGH conducted a stakeholder survey and interviews, combining it with a review of critical UN supply chain operational processes and organisational roles and responsibilities. Based on those findings, MMGH examined how well the supply chain ensured country access to biomedical supplies (e.g., oxygen tanks), personal protective equipment and diagnostics tools. A report was delivered to the client with recommendations for improvements in organisational design, primarily on cross-agency roles and responsibilities, as well as streamlining and having a common approach.

The UN Joint Steering Group endorsed the recommendations which will help to strengthen UN supply chain processes in a pandemic.

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Project Outputs
Assessment of the COVID-19 Supply Chain System: Full Report