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  • Typhoid Conjugate Vaccines
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2021 — 2023

Define use cases for micro-array patches for typhoid conjugate vaccines and assess their market feasibility


Develop and validate use cases for typhoid conjugate vaccine microarray patches (TCV-MAPs), determine which countries would use TCV-MAPs, and forecast potential demand as part of the development of the full vaccine value assessment.

  • Focus Project
  • To identify, define and validate the use cases for typhoid conjugate vaccine (TCV) micro-array patches (MAPs), including where, by whom, and how TCV-MAPs can be used.
  • To estimate the global demand needs for TCV-MAPs based on the defined use cases.
As part of the development of the full vaccine value assessment for TCV-MAPs, MMGH assessed published and unpublished literature and data to understand the characteristics of TCV, the TCV market and typhoid epidemiology. Using this information, MMGH defined preliminary TCV-MAP use cases and groups of countries that would use TCV-MAPs in a similar manner. The preliminary use cases were then validated and revised based on expert consultations and an online survey completed by typhoid experts and countries. Finally, using the defined use cases and country archetypes, MMGH developed a demand forecast for TCV-MAPs to estimate the programmatic doses required for a 10-year period from 2033 to 2042.

The TCV-MAPs use cases and demand forecast were validated by the disease community and vaccine innovation prioritization strategy experts. MMGH’s deliverable serves as a key input for the development of other analyses relevant to the full vaccine value assessment.

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